Hand in of selected artwork

The hand in of the selected portraits to Portrait NOW! 2023 will take place in early February 2023. Artists selected to hand in artworks for the second selection will be notified directly.

All artists will be notified directly on 6 February if they have been selected for the secon round. REMBMER to check your spam filter soo see if the notification emal has ended ud there.

Artworks must be delivered or sent to one of our designated drop-off points between 6 February and 17 February. Your artwork will from there be transported to The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle via special transport. It is also possible to deliver your artwork personally at the museum between 13 February and 2 March on Mondays and Thursdays from 11-14.

It is important to check with the contact person at the drop-off point before sending the portrait. Contact persons on each address can be found below.

Each artwork will be assigned an ID number upon entry. It is important to save this ID number for the duration of the competition.

An international expert jury will inspect the artworks at Frederiksborg Castle in March 2023. All artworks will be inspected anonymously and the jury will refer to the ID numbers.

Artworks can be delivered at the following adresses for transport to Frederiksborg Castle:


SpeedEx International ApS
Sønderholmvej 178
8361 Hasselager
Att: Carsten Wonge
Ph: +45 82303606
Mail: info@speedexpress.dk

Modul Air Cargo A/S
Avedøreholmen 46
2650 Hvidovre
Att: Anette Knudsen
Ph: +45 36954305
Mail: ak@modultransport.dk


ATC Global Solutions
Ansatie 4
01740 Vantaa
Att: Robert Backman
Ph: +358-(0)20-7856660
Mail: robert.backman@atcglobal.fi


Brekkutún 3
FO-188 Hoyvík
Att: Hans Jacob við Kvíggjá
Ph: +298-308282
Mail: hans@norlink.fo


Blue Water Nuuk
Nukappiakuluk 2
3900 Nuussuaq
Att: Gabriella Sonnichsen
Ph: +299 348221
Mail: gaso@bws.dk


Icetransport ehf
Selhella 7
221 Hafnarfjordur
Att: Lilja Hafsteinsdóttir
Ph: +354 4 120 120
Mail: lilja@icetransport.is


Trollåsveien 8
1414 Trollåsen
Att: Alle på kontoret
Ph: +47 22428600
Mail: siri@alfandersen.no


Conroute AB
Månskärsvägen 10 A
14175 Kungen Kurva
Att: Jenny Persson Swalén
Ph: +46 8 681 49 67
Mail: jenny@conroute.se


Det Nationalhistoriske Museum
Frederiksborg Slot 10
3400 Hillerød
Att.: Portrait NOW! 2023
Tel.: +45 48201448 (Monday and Wedensday 10-12)
Mail.: portraet@dnm.dk

Guidelines for hand in of artworks

The artwork must be packed securely for transport. All artworks that are handed in to the various drop-off points will be transported to the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle via special transport. Try not to use heavy boxes.

Transport costs from the drop-off points to Frederiksborg Castle and return will be covered by the museum. However, the artist is responsible for handing in and collection of the artwork from the drop-off point. This also applies to personal hand ins made at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle. NOTE: It is up to the artist to insure the artwork during transport, competition and exhibition.

The artwork must be submitted with a visible ID number. The ID number will be placed on the back of paintings, graphic works, etc. Videos should be sent as an attachment in an email to portraet@dnm.dk with the ID number in the subject field.

The jury will select the portraits that will be exhibited at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle from May 2023. Artworks that are not included in the exhibition will be returned to the drop-off points. The artists must pick up their works at these drop-off points prior to a certain date, which will be announced later. Please note that the museum reserves the right to destroy artworks that have not been collected no later than three months after the announced date for collection.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the museum at portraet@dnm.dk.

Picture: “Self-portrait”. Photo by Michelle Vestbo (DK), Portrait NOW! 2021.

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